Movie Review: Tully

A witty, bittersweet dramedy about the coping mechanisms a third-time mom uses to reconnect with her best self when her rich brother underwrites a “nighttime nanny” for her, Jason Reitman’s Tully (A) is a master class in characterization, with star Charlize Theron and writer Diablo Cody delivering at the top of their games. Opposite an … Continue reading Movie Review: Tully

Movie Review: Up in the Air

In Jason Reitman’s Up in the Air (A+), George Clooney gets his perfect role: a bit of a Br’er Rabbit of the friendly skies. As a job axman on the frequent flier circuit, he falls to earth when paired with spunky Anna Kendrick and affaired with sultry Vera Farmiga. It’s an acerbic, moving film that … Continue reading Movie Review: Up in the Air