Movie Review: Chasing Amy

For writer/director Kevin Smith, making movies seems a lot simpler than therapy. A pioneer of no/low budget films with his Clerks debut, he is creating a cottage industry out of working on his own hang-ups, insecurities and doubts on the big screen. It’s as if he says, “let’s have a dialogue” to his inner selves, and out pops a talky movie from his percolating psycho-mind. In Chasing Amy (A-), Smith further explores how one’s skewed outlook of the world alters one’s own relationships as a central character (Ben Affleck) determines if he can successful date and “convert” a woman who is a lesbian (Joey Lauren Adams). Funny friendship dialogue between Affleck and Jason Lee is a highlight; Adams is somewhat successful in embodying her part (it could be better written). Peppered with whip-smart wit and irrational human obsessions, it’s a mature look at human connections from a filmmaker who sometimes refuses to grow up.

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