Film Trailer Musings: Thoughts on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

By Eli Sanchez
Guest Contributor
Silver Screen Capture

So, now we’ve had a trailer that has only added more intrigue, and we’ve had a photo spread released to Entertainment Weekly outlining some of the characters, and then of course we’ve had some rumors as to which characters will grace the film.

What we know….
1) Darth Vader makes his long-awaited badass corporeal return to the silver screen. Not as some recently turned asthmatic neophyte of a phobia of molten lava, but now clearly established as the Emperor’s right hand enforcer who pushes forth the agenda of the First Galactic Empire.
2) We know that Mon Mothma will appear significantly in this film. If you didn’t know, Mon Mothma is actually the head of the Rebel Alliance. In Return of the Jedi she was played by Caroline Blackiston and only had a very small part in the final battle preparation. In this film she is being played by Genevieve O’Reilly. Now, I only mention this because she actually played Mon Mothma in Revenge of the Sith. Don’t remember her? Yeah, she had all of her scenes cut. Granted an odd set of circumstances.
3) We know that this film will play out like a World War II movie. I imagine something along the lines of Saving Private Ryan meets The Longest Day as far as battle scope.
4) And most importantly, we have learned that Peter Cushing himself is returning from the dead to play the dreaded Grand Moff Tarkin. Many Bothans died to bring you this information.

Supposedly, the level of authenticity that is going into the creation of the Rogue One mythos is to digitally bring back a fan favorite character that dies in the explosion of Death Star 1.0 and who also happened to die in the real world back in the 1990s. Recent articles have suggested that the filmmakers have spent hours pouring through old Peter Cushing films trying to match the right colored boots with other film shots of him. I just hope the end product doesn’t come off as cheap as Robert Loggia’s cameo in Independence Day: Resurgence.

What we don’t know…..

5) Which original saga characters are returning…..
According to the mythology, Admiral Ackbar was a slave of Grand Moff Tarkin and helped plan the eventual destruction of Death Star 1.0. Does he figure into this?
6) Given the events tie in so closely to Episode IV, will we see Han Solo dumping his load of spice that was the impetus behind Jabba the Hutt sending Greedo after him in the Cantina? Will that be the unexpected cameo in this film?
7) Will the fanboys and fangirls alike feel a special kind of justification and satisfaction for this film (hint: We felt this way after Episode VII, but certainly not after Episode I: The Phantom Mess.

Well, come December, all shall be revealed…..

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