Guest Movie Review: Bad Moms

badmomseliBy Eli Sanchez
Guest Contributor
Silver Screen Capture

Jon Lucas and Scott Moore’s Bad Moms (B) covers the trials and tribulations of one mother’s quest not to turn into the helicopter moms who participate in her PTA meeting.  The film gets off on the right foot at one of these parent meetings giving you a whole pie chart on effectively what to not put in the pie (i.e. the anti-gluten generation). Anybody who has witnessed the rise of Generation Y up to the Millennial generation will recognize the carpool/minivan/extracurricular full time mom, part-time career woman pulling out the stops so that each and every kid can follow their muse but at the same time remain socially awkward. The film is a joyride of hilarity including some wrong drunken food humor in a late night binge at a grocery store and some choice rebukes against Mila Kunis’ child for being too reliant on mommy and not wanting him to become some “kid who joins a ska band and grows an ironic mustache” kind of cliché that every other child seems to be aspire to these days. The film delves somewhat into the realm of parents having children too young and missing out on their own youth.  The film does have some unrealistic plot points about what suburban moms can afford. Mila Kunis plays the same character she does in most of her films: undecided, coy and pretty girl next door struggling to be happy with her marriage and trying to have a job and a family. Kristen Bell plays the mousy, stay at home mom who gets no help from her husband while trying to juggle twins. Kathryn Hahn steals the show as the new mom friend who is single and indifferently raising a child so she can be her own person again. Christina Applegate plays the ultimate PTA President Evil mom to the hilt with some support from Jada Pinkett-Smith. The film shows the evolution of a mother at least in the form that most of today’s current generation has seen motherhood:  1950’s and 60’s stay at home mom, the single mom of the 70’s forward and then the mom who had children too young and didn’t focus on herself.


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