Guest Movie Review: Eating Raoul

eating_raoul_filmpostereliBy Eli Sanchez
Guest Contributor
Silver Screen Capture

Paul Bartel’s black comedy Eating Raoul (A-) follows the humdrum life of two middle class Los Angelinos (Paul Bartel and Warhol girl Mary Woronov) Paul and Mary Bland (yes that’s their names) who are intent on saving enough money to open their own restaurant.  Paul is a wine snob, and Mary is a nutritionist at the local hospital and are in debt up to their eyeballs. Hilarity ensues when Paul and Mary are mistaken for swingers attending a party in their building and intruders get snuffed by the frying pan on the stove; and there the couple starts its decent into depravity by knocking-off would-be sub-missives who are thinking they’re getting sex but actually being taken for the “proverbial ride” with death by frying pan. Enter Raoul (Star Trek Voyager’s Robert Beltran) who, under the guise of being a locksmith, realizes what’s going on and offers to handle the bodies for a cut. Among the most amusing bits are a consultation for role-playing advice from the local dominatrix  (who is oddly enough a regular stay-at-home mom with a husband and a mortgage) and Mary Bland getting dressed up costume as Minnie Mouse at one point and being chased around the living room by her would be seducer come next victim. The film is a highly entertaining commentary on the middle class and getting ahead by literally killing the competition.



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