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By Eli Sanchez

Guest Contributor
Silver Screen Capture

The Cat Creeps (C-) is director Erle C. Centon’s last foray into horror films and a mediocre take on the Old Dark House genre that permeated Universal Studios releases in the 1920’s through the 1940’s. In this one, though some of the fright sequences are decent, fails inextricably to grab the audience due to the abusive one-liners and puns of Fred Grady as a crack news reporter with a crush on his boss’ girlfriend played by Lois Collier. They are motivated to go visit an Old Dark House in the middle of the night (because of course it’s the eve of the election) in order to prove no involvement by said boss being connected to any wrong-doing of some dastardly misdeed in his deep dark past. It’s tough to discern the proverbial “skeleton in the closet,” and whatever the issue was that could ruin him seemed to be a lot less juicy than more recent election cycles. The plot involves an old house maid dying twice, a black cat roaming about who seems to be the holder of the recently deceased soul and the ensemble scrambling around the dark telling bad jokes and tripping over one another. The villain is predictable, though the film tries to send us sideways a few times by placing people in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s still a B-movie but with a few solid supporting characters actors to give the film a bit more umph. The ending leaves you stuck out on a limb: literally and figuratively.

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