Attraction Review: Atlanta Movie Tours

atlmoviemovietourThe State of Georgia has become one of the top places for movie and television production, with the new Spider-Man movie and MacGyver TV show currently being filmed in Atlanta.

I recently enjoyed participating in Atlanta Movie Tours transporting us to highlights of the first season of Walking Dead as well as Captain America: Civil War, Catching Fire, Driving Miss Daisy, The Blind Side, Ride Along, Hall Pass, Anchorman 2 and many others.

Atlanta Movie Tours provide great insights and trivia into the inner workings of the city and showcase the history of film production all the way back to the days when Jimmy Carter first started an office for film production after Burt Reynolds and others made the geography a Hollywood of the South. Monitors inside the tour bus showcase sequences from the movies while guests enjoy a panoramic glimpse at the actual locations and stop at a few for selfies. Our guide Clyde was lively and full of stories and took us into an underground lair beneath Rexall Drugs downtown where a horror movie is being filmed. From Castleberry Hill to the Glenwood neighborhood to the Edgewood district, different parts of the city came to new life knowing what celebrities and famous directors had traversed these spaces.

Although the Atlanta Movie Tours have only been around for about three years, they are now a must-see attraction in the city.

Atlanta Movie Tours come in many options. There are also elaborate zombie excursions, Gone with the Wind tours, Hunger Games expeditions and other permutations for groups of various sizes.


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