New “Vacation” (2015) Can’t Replicate the Classic

imageJon Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein’s Vacation (C) reboots the classic comedy franchise with an affable Ed Helms as “Rusty Griswold” taking his family on a cross-country car trip to the fictional West Coast Wally World theme park. Amidst the barrage of gross-out humor, there is a legitimate glimpse at a modern American family with genuine marital struggle, raucous sibling rivalry and a road to redemption. Most of the predictable humor springs from unease and awkwardness, and there could have been a whole lot more inspiration in the episodic stops along the way. There were very few surprises but still a good deal of laughs on this holiday road. Let’s hope if this clan does Europe next, it will be less by-the-books.