“Amazing Spider-Man 2” Darker But Enjoyable

amazing-spider-man-2-poster__140603232341Director Mark Webb is in fine command of the energy, acting, humor, gravitas, story and effects for the entertaining summer comic book movie The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (B). Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone lend their considerable charms to the leading roles in a sequel that is part romance as the central duo tries to balance a flirty relationship and the distraction of constant superheroics, part mystery as Peter Parker delves deeper into the events surrounding his parents’ disappearance and part action movie as Jamie Foxx becomes Electro with a plot that threatens to seap great power (and responsibility) from the island of Manhattan. Although Webb could be accused of cramming a bit much into this installment, the actors give heart and earnestness to their performances, and it all seems well grounded in NYC and among real people trying to grow up and wrestle with the consequences of genetic experiments gone awry. Some final act surprises lay the sacs for some sinister villainy to come. This new Spidey series swings along dandily; it shoots and scores.