Movie Review: Avatar: The Way of Water (2022)

Now in theatres.

Director James Cameron misses the mark again with gorgeous visuals at the service of a subpar screenplay in the action adventure Avatar: The Way of Water (C). Motion capture performers Sam Worthington and Zoë Saldaña as elongated blue creatures do lots of swimming as they endeavor to protect their family and the planet of Pandora from pesky human invaders. The first hour introduces their sprawling family, too many to much care about; the second feels like a nice visit to an aquarium as one of their teens communes with a large sea creature; and then there’s a frenzied finale of a showdown with battleships and annoying kids used as bait. Much of the conflict could have been saved by a better babysitter, and nobody needed a human character named “Spider” or a teen voiced by Sigourney Weaver. Still, the undersea vistas are often quite stunning. Perhaps this director, who has made many great movies to his credit, has a future in screen savers.  I’ll save you three plus hours: “save the whales.” 

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