“Ted 2” is Teddy Fair

imageSeth MacFarlane’s sophomoric stoner sequel Ted 2 (C) has enough funny parts to warrant a cable TV viewing, but the buddy comedy highjinks don’t match the punch of its predecessor. The first film wisely focused on the central bromance of Mark Wahlberg’s lovable lug and his foul-mouthed living teddy bear, voiced by the writer/director. Here the action shifts to a fable about the plush character’s civil rights, and the uneasy mix of comedy and legal procedural just doesn’t do the humor justice. Some comic bits with football star Tom Brady and at Comic Con are wasted opportunities, and Wahlberg’s relationship with Amanda Seyfried is underdeveloped (and wasn’t the whole first film about scoring Mila Kunis?). Despite the vulgarity, both Ted films have heart, but this one has diminishing returns on plot and laughs. It’s more muddle than cuddle.