Movie Review: The Intern (2015)

imageCalling a movie a treasure trove for HR professionals looking for great examples of key learnings in the intergenerational workplace isn’t damning it with faint praise. In fact, Nancy Meyers’ The Intern (B), in which Robert De Niro is a widower who lands a “senior citizen internship” for an e-commerce impresario played by Anne Hathaway, transcends built-in sentiment and stereotypes to be largely effective. Is it a reverse Annie or The Devil Wears Prada? A little of both. Do De Niro and Hathaway harness everything in their thespian powers to build characters within the contours and confines of Meyers’ broad-stroke screenwriting? For the most part. There are missed opportunities galore as a white-washed cast and some very unrealistic pivot points provide a slick veneer to the proceedings. But a fun premise, good acting, bright chemistry and interesting juxtapositions yield an entertaining film. Call De Niro the work/life balance genie, reminding workers everywhere that some old-fashioned values may just provide wish fulfillment for the modern office.


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